701 Creative: What’s in a Name?

701 Creative: What’s in a Name?

For this agency, actually quite a lot!

Formerly Debra Malinics Advertising for the past 40+ years, Founder and President Debra Malinics steadily built a name for herself and her self-named agency, earning a reputation for outstanding creative thinking, professional execution, stellar service and proven results. Her name is recognized and respected among colleagues and clients; her name has clout and opens doors.

First solo, and then with a dynamic team, Debra Malinics Advertising grew…from black and white newspaper ads and small retail accounts; from counting characters, hot waxing galleys and pasting up mechanicals (those that don’t understand these terms, call us and we will explain); from learning how to use a tiny – and very slow – MAC SE…into a multi-service agency offering creative communication strategies in marketing, graphic design, advertising, digital design and social media.

We have put our creative thinking to work for more than 200 clients, ranging from non-profits such as Gift of Life Donor Program and The Wistar Institute; cultural organizations such as Peter Nero and the Philly Pops and The Opera Company of Philadelphia (now Opera Philadelphia); city organizations such as PIDC, GPUAC and DVRPC; to healthcare institutions such as Wills Eye, CHOP, Jefferson and Einstein Healthcare Network (to namedrop just a few!)

A name change for us was now needed to reflect the times that have changed, an industry that has changed, and an agency that has changed with it. Some people thought all we did was logos and brochures. We often heard “I didn’t know you did that!” We needed a new name and a new brand that reflected who we are now and the broad range of creative services we now provide.

Our new name is 701 Creative. Rebranding gives us the opportunity to do what we tell our clients to do – stay fresh and stay relevant.

Our new name pays homage to our longtime 701 Walnut Street address, an active corner, where from our windows, we have witnessed life in action – everything from cars being towed after 3pm, movie film crews setting up outside our door, and a man who lived underground emerging from the manhole in the morning mist. This address is where we grew, and will continue to grow the agency and carry on the legacy of Debra Malinics Advertising.

Our new name also represents a change in ownership. Laura Jacoby and Sal Trovato, longtime agency associates who were/are instrumental in the agency’s growth and success, are now partners in 701 Creative. Ms Malinics has passed along the baton and remains active in the vital role of President of Business Development.

So, blogging full circle…Debra Malinics Advertising, named after the talented and tenacious business woman who started it all, is now named 701 Creative…a name that reflects both our history and our future.

Plus, it is so much easier to say! (no offense, Debra!)

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